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from 1956 or 57 in Italy
Standing l-r ImmacolataFulchini, (mother of Gerry and Sal #3),
next isVincenzo Fulchini, (Immacolata's father),
next is Enrico Fulchini, son of Angelo Fulchini, who is the brother of among others,
Andrew, Atillio, Vincenzo and Aunt Mary.
And next to him is Antonio D'Onofrio, who is a cousin of the woman seated behind young
Fulchini (front)

seated - Great Grandfather Salvatore Fulchino, his wife,
Great Grandmother Maria Giussepe (D'Onofrio) Fulchini


above: Wilma, Salvatore, Young Stephen,
Alfred, Andrew and Raphaella (Fannie) Fulchino 1949

Vincenzo Fulchino, Ralph Fulchino and Andrew Fulchino
The first Fulchino to settle in the Boston area was Ralph Fulchino .
Ralph was the brother of Salvatore
"Pop's" (Andrew Fulchino's father).
Uncle Ralph was Pop's sponsor when he wanted to come and live in America.

Starting from left back row:
Vincenzo Fulchini, Andrea Fulchino, Attilio Fulchini, Raffaele Forgione.
Center row: Immacolata Fulchini, Fanny Fulchino (Forgione)
Anna Fulchini (Di Fabbio) Amalia Forgione (De Prisco).

Front row:
Ida Fulchini (Melagrano) Anna Fulchini (Forgione).