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Albert and Margie - Wedding Day

The Sons of Ralph and Lena Fulchino
of Revere
. (only Anne, the youngest is missing).
Youngest to oldest - Harry, William (Bill), Victor, Albert, and Carmine.

Carmine and Atamia
Wedding Day

Cara with brothers Mark and John Fulchino
children of Ralph Albert Fulchino and Joanne (Bernazani) Fulchino

The New
Mr and Mrs David and Cara (Fulchino) Power

And to see much more please visit this link to view
a beautiful pictorial set to music click on
David and Cara Wedding Pictorial

John and Melissa (Clark) Hemphill
Proud Parents of John, Paul and Ann Marie ( Fulchino) Hemphill;
and Richard and Deborah Clark

The Future Mr and Mrs Mark Hemphill!
Welcome to the family
Charinee Chantathai!!!

Bill and Mary Fulchino

Al, Victor Fulchino (92) and Daughter Joanne
Dec 24, 2007

These are the medals and photo of Tech Sergeant
Albert R. Fulchino of Revere, MA.
He was inducted into the army at Boston 11/29/1943,
served overseas from May 1, 1945 to his discharge, Jan 16, 1946.
These medals were awarded to his daughter, Ann Marie Hemphill
of Norfolk, MA, on the 60th anniversary of the end of WW II.
Albert’s wife was “Margie,”
and they had 5 children: Ralph, Ann Marie, Paul, Thomas, and Christine